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    Home  Zoological   Garden

    Rabbit      Parrot      Canary

    [Rozmiar: 1673 bajtów] If Your parents for no treasures this world do not want to buy you littledog's small then taste to coax into them on purchase of miniature rabbit! This intelligent, serves as a means of intercourse and little inconvenient animal, quickly the state oneself all inmates' friend and the sweethearts the companion of parties. Before you will Buy Bunny ... In front of undertaking of decision about shopping of bunny they should this assure, whether just the from inmates the is of notes allergic this onto of carts of little animal.

    or review attentively some bests' internets' sides

    [Rozmiar: 10514 bajtów] Persons which had not with rabbits contact before undertaking decision about purchase they give me question, what animal is rabbit ?. If someone is careful, that rabbit is little animal showing on every step love to one's guardian it, comes running on call, is over admiration clean, it does not bite the pieces of furniture, it does not drench carpets, not old it was predominated over inmates, sits in cage whole day and is from this satisfied, then can only to say, that so intelligent persons will be disappointed very. This every with these questions has negative answer practically, they adore spending beyond cage tense and this is not hour and minimum I recommend five hours. They treat their guardian how the member of herd and not the mister and ruler. They be able to with their little teeth call to order, they like be stroking not when we want treat when they have on then readiness.

    [Rozmiar: 12341 bajtów] He rabbit be perceived by adult persons and children as domesticated and very nice. Parents' majority surrenders requests his children, they buy as home animal rabbit. Child promises always that it will look after new inmate, but children how it is not this children always they will give advice to look after in correc way rabbit. Promises are forgotten soon and worry about rabbit falls on parents often. Rabbit values not always and tolerates lifting and hugging can fight or it will jump and scratches, can equally well make me in tense of fall harm. Let's let's let's store, it does not be indicate to buy rabbit for child under 8 - 10 years ( it for tiny children can be outright dangerous).

    Guardian's mistakes, lack of knowledge the majority of problems in tense of farming be caused with range of care of, nourishment, they are the most often cause of affection what they step out, I permit receive questions what to me to develop me opinion that breeders proceed according to alkali " it is rabbit and what then practically this first and how oneself with him to walk round" and it it was wished was, bunnies were wished...& nbsp;I on all relating in miniature rabbit's house farming questions will try to pass on this side answer.

    Coming back to causing allergy and it is then very important matter, it was one should before rabbit's purchase have reliability that nobody with inmates be allergic to. Translating is the most frequent the prosecution of notifying desire of rabbit's restitution - my child be allergic to. And allergic reaction can yet step out after meeting with guinea pig also, hamster or animal little mouse. Canaries, parrot and different home dicks are for alergic threat, and even fish in aquarium. Gold fish does not call out catarrh although, but feeding her daphnia, that is dry food, it can induce strong allergic reaction. And this the most often is attack asthma or hay fever.

    It more seldom steps out skin reaction and conjunctivitis. It happens that all will appear. Near what necessary direct contact agent is not with little animal. The animal allergens are present in carpets, the upholsteriny of pieces of furniture, curtains. There is no different sink in dull caseslet's - do not buy bunny... It it was it been proper was however to know that animals' fur is not the source of allergy, but their saliva, stagnant skin, discharge glands of skin. it WHAT ADVICE it - was one should was to exaggeration take care about cleanness in apartment (use from special strainer core hoover) steels remove from house this in what allergens can be present for example: fluffy carpets, woollen sblanket and velvet balls..

    4.11.1995 - 26.12.2004                                             since 4.01.2005

    Trunio - królik samczyk Trunia - królik samiczka

    Trunio No 2                                               Trunia No 3

    Basic preliminary informations.

    It European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, it was one should was together with with hare (genus Lepus) and American rabbit cottontail (genus Sylvilagus), to grade Lagomorpha, family Leporidae. Rabbits are bad classified as rodents often. Deadline "rodent" is synonym Rodentia yet it brings back oneself to animals such how rats, mouse and hamsters. The natural terrain of occurrence Oryctolagus the cuniculus be bounded to continent Europe and Northern Africa. Species this was transferred to many units of world. In Brtish Islands rabbits appeared in Middle Ages, ale in larger number really in nineteenth age. In Australia and New Zealand, where ideal climatical conditions found and they had not natural enemies, rabbits reproduced so quickly that they after sure tense had made up true plague.

    Species never brought back in Northern America, with except successes some islands, where wild rabbits settled. In South America wild boars Oryctolagus happened it is exclusively in Chile. Before Christian era, in pool of inland seas, the wild rabbits stepped out very in great number. Possible, that "Spain" is the of peninsula significant phoenician qualification " rabbits' the ground". Romans began breeding in enclosed rooms, rabbits and hares "leporaria" (which it was it been possible to compare to mediaeval British rabbit houses). Hares did not reproduce in these conditions, however rabbits adapted to them perfectly, what by many be been careful as beginning taming these animals. Real taming rabbits began in late Middle Ages in abbeys, where first were cage used as room to breeding.


    The smallest rabbit does not achieve 1 kg mass of body, in turn with the largest race it is Flemish Giant, he achieves mass of body above 9 kg.

    The angora rabbits are in relation tip-top manufacturers of wool, their efficiency to mass of body it is higher than with sheep - 0,2 identifier on identifier of mass of body in draught of year.

    Two upper teeth be put not by me and one for second, front upper and bottom fore teeth grow unceasingly and rub off mutually. Upper teeth placed with back, be called pegs.

    The list supervisory state of our rabbit's health.

    It was one should was regularly keep an eye on passed below symptoms sick leave attention, which require at VETERINARY SURGEON visits. Enough often on the rabbit's forum the breeds give the questions - what to do in data of case - however the flowing away tense has the unfavorable influence on more far treatment the rabbitlet's thereforelet's accept principle if exchanged symptom steps out with our rabbit - first the help of veterinary surgeon, and then the post on forum ;

    - Large fall of mass of body
    - test biting and squealing at touch
    - bent limb under atypical angle
    - disorder of equilibrium
    - long keeping
    - symptoms of paralysis oneself tremble
    - solid sojourn in little house
    - seat by hours in one place
    - unnatural lying on side - slowed down movements
    - trace of blood
    - wound and scabs
    - lack of appetite
    - strong enlargement of thirst
    - glue fur in neighbourhood of anus
    - diarrhoea, also from admixture of blood
    - long-lasting constipation
    - frequent urinate
    - blood in urine
    - fall out fur beyond period of moulting
    - dull fur and ruffled
    - local baldness
    - frequent scraping oneself
    - redden of skin
    - skin covered scabs
    - swelling, growths
    - abscess
    - dandruff
    - turning
    - unusual inclination of head attention shaking head
    - solid scraping oneself after ears
    - external or internal crack in ears
    - strongly watering
    - swelling on eyelids
    - turbidity eyes or redden of knobs of eyes
    - bleeding from nose
    - sudden exudation from nose, also oil
    - frequent sneezing
    - persistent cough
    - swelling of lips
    - strong moistening oneself
       of - disorder in breathing (violent breathing, short breath
    - flatulent body ( abdominal tensecoat)
    - swelling and change in neighbourhoods of breasts and organs sexual