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    Home  Zoological   Garden

    Rabbit      Parrot      Canary

    The Breeder ‘ s guide-book.

    The guide-book has been created on my own experience with animals. After a long time I decided to describe how we can help us and our pets to enjoy every moment in life.I read a lot of great books,articles,some specialist magazines,which helped me to write this website.I am convinced that everybody can find here something interesting.The main sections contain information about rabbits,parrots,canaries and some materials about rodents.I also wrote about German sheep-dog. In my opinion the basic goal for every guardian should be protecting our small friends.We can only see our pets happy if they have suitable conditions for living.And I am quite sure about one old principle that is better protect our lovely pets than heal them.The best vets are also agreeing with this principle.We need to remember,that rabbits do not belong to one of the resistent group of animals.So it is really important to prevent illness because only in this way we can avoid some serious diseases.

    It is very popular to breed small mammals as guinea-pig and rabbit at homes.Nowadays a lot of pleasure have adults than children.the next change as I noticed is fact that people more often prefer to breed rabbits at home from cat or dog.Small pets do not make a big troubles,do not leave a unpleasent smell if we clean their hutches regularly.It is not an accident that rabbits is breeding more often now,because of their gently character we can take them on hands,hug and really they very rarely bite.We also ought to remember,that healty and joyful rabbit should have his own solid place at home.If we only have an opportunity to take our pet outside during the summer time we should definitely do it.On this website I will try to show the principles of breeding the most lovable domestic animals.

    Home Zoological Garden

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